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Bosses Code of Conduct

Bosses Private Lounge is a membership based lounge. We are aiming to provide an environment that is upscale and with standards. Below you will find our House Rules for members and our Dress Code for all patrons 

Bosses Private Lounge House Rules

1. The right to use the privileges and facilities of the Club and other property of the Organization in accordance with the Bylaws and House Rules of the Organization is extended to each member and his/her immediate family. An exception, however, is made in the case of adult sons/daughters, 21 years of age, of members, who to enjoy such a right, are required to become members themselves.

2. Any member may bring with him/her to the Club, nonmember relatives or friends, but the constant use of such privilege amounting to an abuse thereof shall not be allowed. Three times max.

3. Members are encouraged to use Valet Services $5 or Free Parking located across the street on the corner of 3rd Ave South. We will VALIDATE  your ticket at no charge to you.

4. The members that bring guests to the club property will be held responsible for their conduct and compliance with House Rules.

5. Members bringing nonmembers to the Clubrooms shall be responsible for such nonmembers and shall pay all charges for such nonmembers if they damage any property.

6. No minor shall enjoy the facilities of the Organization at any time, period.


7. Each member shall be responsible for all damages to the Club or Organization property of any kind caused by himself/herself, his/her family, or his/her guests and upon his/her failure to reimburse the Organization within thirty days after notice by the Secretary of such charge, he/she shall be dropped from the rolls of the Organization.

8. Each member is under obligation to always conduct himself/herself in a respectable manner during his/her use of the Club property and facilities. Under no circumstances shall ungentlemanly/unladylike conduct or obscene or profane language be permitted in the Club or on any portion of the Organization property.

9. Members having suggestions or complaints as to the management of the Club or other 

facilities of the Organization may present them in writing to the Board of Directors.

Dress Code

Dress Code will be strictly enforced.

- No athletic wear 
- No Tank tops or T-shirts
- No Sagging Pants
- You must wear a top, bottom, and shoes at all times
- All members must adhere to all rules and regulations.

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